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4th H for Health Challenge

Healthy Kids Out of School, an initiative at the Tufts University School of Nutrition that works to promote healthy eating and physical activity among youth. We’ve worked closely with 4-H leaders in New England to develop and pilot the 4th H for Health Challenge, a free program that supports healthy 4-H club meetings (e.g. drinking water and incorporating physical activity).
The Challenge has been a huge success in helping 4-H’ers practice healthy habits. 4-H members and their clubs from across the country have now participated in the Challenge. Here’s one example of a Massachusetts club leader’s experience: It’s said that after doing something consistently a few times it can become a habit. I would encourage all leaders to do this with their clubs, and try the activities for every club meeting to teach the members strong healthy habits. Our club has already challenged the other clubs in our school to take the Challenge!

We’re now promoting this program broadly by helping more State Extension offices to adopt and share the Challenge. Check out Maine, New Hampshire, and Michigan – just a few of the states already bringing the Challenge to their 4-H programs.

View the Leader Packet , and this short 4-minute video (https://youtu.be/lqSKAwB-ekE) for Challenge details.

4-H Health Officer Training Materials

2017 Health Initiative Resources – Dental

2016 Health Initiative Resources – Healthy Relationships

2015 Health Initiative Resources – Safety

2014 Health Initiative Resources – Eating Healthy

2013 Health Initiative Resources – Physical Activity

2012 Health Initiative Resources – Dental

2011 Health Initiative Resources – Heart Health – Healthy Eating – Physical Activity – 4-H Safety – Healthy Relationships

WVU Extension Service’s Family Nutrition Program helps youths hydrate healthier

With the help of the Rethink Your Drink campaign, a WVU Extension Service Families and Health initiative, youths are educated about the importance of hydrating and provided with rethink136Photos June 18 thru 24, 2014 036 alternative, healthy drink options instead of soda and other sweetened beverages.

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Additional Program Materials

Rethink Your Drink at Camps and Programs

Have fun and promote healthy drinks and hydration this summer! These print-ready materials will help engage 4-H groups, campers, and other program participants.

Watch for more materials posted in the future. For more information: Kristin McCartney

Planning Health-Friendly Meetings: A Toolkit

Health-Friendly Meetings: A Tool Kit helps you create a healthier environment for all types of meetings. Are you an event planner or a health-conscious event-goer? These easy-to-use tips can lead to healthier meals, fun activity breaks, satisfied participants, and more productive meetings.

  • Overview
  • Healthy Meals
  • Healthy Activities
  • Facilities Planning
  • Safety and Security
  • Resources
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4-H Health Officer Initiative

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Health Officers lead games and activities to make learning about health fun 4-H Health Slide picture2

Club Health Officers are chosen and trained to use the Guide 4-H Health Slide picture3

Children and parents work together on monthly health challenges

4-H Health Officer Training PowerPoint

Extension Staff Training Webinar