4-H and Youth

Global Education & Engagement

The primary goal of the WVU Extension Global Education & Engagement Team is to be a leader of programs and activities that support and enhance global education for Extension faculty, staff, and volunteers, and clientele. The team is inter-disciplinary in nature with Extension Agents and faculty from 4-H Youth Development, Agriculture & Natural Resources, Families & Health and the Community Economic & Workforce Development program units.

The goals of the team are to:

  • Provide Extension personnel with the opportunity for involvement in international projects and domestic development efforts.
  • Improve local county Extension programs by helping faculty and staff expand their sensitivity to other cultures and apply their knowledge of other Extension approaches to local problems.
  • Involve Extension clientele in global education programs and increase their comprehension of how international understanding affects their daily lives.
  • Collaborate with university and external partners in conducting global education for West Virginians.

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The West Virginia Consortium for Faculty & Course Development in International Studies (FACDIS) was established in 1980 and is a consortium of 20 West Virginia institutions of higher education with over 375 participating faculty in international studies and foreign languages from more than fifteen different disciplines.

To learn more or to become a member visit: http://www.wvu.edu/~facdis/

How to Learn More

The WVU Extension Global Education & Engagement Team is making every effort to have global education programming and resources at our state events such as but not limited to: Young Adult Conference, 4-H University, Teen Leader Weekend, Alpha State 4-H Camps, 4-H Volunteer Weekend and CEOS Annual Conference.

For more information, contact any of the individuals below:

  • Denis Scott, Specialist for Civic Engagement & Global Education, E-mail
  • Tina Cowger, Faculty Team Co-Chair, E-mail
  • Doug Hovatter, Faculty Team Co-Chair, E-mail

To learn more about the WVU 4-H Youth Development visit http://4-hyd.ext.wvu.edu/