4-H and Youth

Stop Spit Tobacco

This curriculum is set up for a 3-ring binder with ten tabs. All parts of the curriculum is listed and linked below:


There are six lessons in all:

  1. The Body: Tobacco Bad Effects (36pp)
  2. Addiction: Hard Cycle to Break (13pp)
  3. Cost: Can You Afford to Spit? (56pp)
  4. Media: Promotion of Spit Tobacco a Deadly Influence (22pp)
  5. Say No: To Spit Tobacco (32pp)
  6. Advocacy: Your Voice Counts (56pp)

Other curriculum pieces:

  1. Cover (1pp)
  2. Inside Cover (2pp)
  3. Table of Contents (1pp)
  4. Preface (2pp)
  5. Introduction (1pp)
  6. Parent Letter (2pp)
Notebook Spine (1pp) – set up for 1 to a page
Notebook Spine (1pp) – set up for 9 to a page

Cover & Spine Sample (1pp)