4-H and Youth

How can my child join 4-H?

CampCraft There are many ways to become involved in 4-H in your community. Opportunities exist in clubs, camps, and other programming.

To join or find a club in your area, contact your county Extension office or talk to a club leader.

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What will my child need for 4-H? WVU 4H boy

There is no entrance fee, and no uniform is required.

Even the project booklets are provided free of cost. However, you will need to provide the materials your child needs for the project he or she chooses. Many of the projects can be completed with resources you already have access to or require very few material items.

What if there isn’t a 4-H Club in my community?

If there’s space in a nearby community’s club, your child can participate in that club. Even better, start a club in your community! All you really need is a dedicated, caring adult willing to volunteer once a month.