4-H and Youth

What about time?

4-H is a great organization for busy parents because it doesn’t require you to drive your child around on a daily basis. Each 4-H club meets only once a month at a location in your community.

Of course, your child will need to take time at home to work on his or her project, but 4-H encourages independence and creative thinking, so your child will be able to do much of the project on their own. Likely, the older your child is, the less time you will need to spend helping them with their project. As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of projects to choose from, and you can work with your child to choose one that fits your and their schedule.

There are numerous opportunities available to youths beyond attending monthly 4-H club meetings. Summer camp is just one of the many other activities 4-H offers. There are fairs, exhibits, and contests, among other things. For teens in 4-H, we offer WVU campus weekends, leadership programs, trips, even international exchange programs! With so many different activities available, how much time you and your child want to devote to 4-H is completely up to you.