4-H and Youth

Will my child be safe?


Club and camp leaders are carefully screened by the WVU Extension Service and trained by our 4-H professionals. Since each club is led by a local adult, chances are you will even know your child’s club leader outside of 4-H. Call your local extension service for a list of local clubs and leaders.

The clubs take place in a safe, local space, such as schools, churches, fire departments, and members’ homes, and your child will always be under watchful, caring eyes. At camps, which take place at locations that we have used safely for years, leaders guide your children through an exciting and safe experience. If, for any reason, your child should become ill or injured, our camp leaders are trained in our emergency response plans.

4-H gives your child opportunities for new experiences and allows them to build confidence, responsibility, positive values, life skills, and lifelong relationships with their peers. The little amount of time and resources that you have to put into 4-H will be far outweighed by what your child gets out of 4-H.