4-H and Youth

How much does 4-H cost?

This is an easy one. 4-H is FREE. There are no club dues, no annual fees, and no uniforms to buy. Joining a 4-H club costs absolutely nothing,

Once your child chooses a project, he or she will also receive the project booklet for free. After that, though, the cost of the project is up to the child and family. However, there are innumerable projects that can be completed at little or no cost. For example, do you live near a park or forest? Your child could work on plant or tree identification. Do you have a household pet? Livestock aren’t the only animals eligible for a 4-H project—observing or raising pets like cats, dogs, birds, etc. are options as well. Perhaps you have child or teen who loves to run? They can study the muscles used or the health benefits of running.

These are just a few examples of potentially inexpensive projects. A full list of available projects is on our website and your child will receive at list when it is time for them to choose a project. And there is always the “create your own project” option, which gives you the ability to work with your child to develop a financially feasible, interesting project.

The annual 3-week 4-H summer camps do charge a fee, but 4-H members are not required to attend camp. We do encourage all youths in the community to attend camp, so if your child is interested in attending the 4-H summer camp, and the fee is an obstacle, there is financial aid available, as well. For local 4-H camps, visit your county’s WVU Extension website or call your local WVU Extension Service county office.