4-H and Youth

4-H Events (Alphabetically)

  • Ag Institute – Summer 2012—Application
    * 3 hours of graduate or professional development
    credits available from WVU (registration with BOTH WVFB and WVU required)
    * FREE teaching materials
    Practical, hands-on applications for your classroom
    * Lessons in math, science, reading, writing and social studies your kids will love—many matched to WV CSOs
    Learn about ag careers, nutrition & technology
    * Visit the WVU Farm
  • All Stars
    The 4-H All Star program is an honorary organization for veteran 4-H members and leaders who have an impressive record of achievement and service. All Stars are rewarded with five-pointed red star pins, with the points representing head, hand, heart, health and home achievements. Becoming an All Star means a person has a lifelong dedication to 4-H, and those who are chosen can act on that dedication by leading local clubs, becoming a counselor or helping in county 4-H events.
    Constitution & By Laws
    * Information & Registration Form
    Members’ Registration Form (Word format)
    * Leaders’ Registration Form (Word format)
    Transmittal Form (Word format)
    * Putting Service into an All Star Nomination (pdf format)
    Executive Committee
  • Alpha I & II State 4-H Camp
    These camps help young 4-H members learn how to become outstanding leaders. Designed for kids who are entering the sixth grade, the camp features general workshops meant to enhance campers’ personal understanding and more specific workshops that deal with 4-H project work. Members are selected by their county’s Extension office, and many participate in a heritage fire ceremony on behalf of their county.
  • Basketball Day
    Each year, the WVU Extension Service’s 4-H Youth Development leaders invite families to participate in activities at the WVU Student Recreation Center as a way to raise awareness about collegiate opportunities. Participants come to Morgantown to speak with college representatives and explore places like the WVU Student Recreation Center. After a day of learning, kids are treated to a WVU women’s basketball game at the Coliseum.
  • Citizenship Washington Focus
    This program lets high school students observe government in action. Participants will get to see the United States’ role in world affairs and learn about American heritage and history. The group will observe each branch of government in action in our nation’s capital. The trip also includes tours, visits with government representatives, group discussions and guest speakers.
  • Dairy Cattle Show (4-H Events)
  • Dairy Judging Contest
  • Dairy Poster Contest
    This program allows any current 4-H member to use posters to promote the use of milk and its importance during the dairy month of June. Creativity is encouraged and posters should be developed around a specific theme. The posters in the state contest will be displayed at the West Virginia Dairy Cattle Show and Festival in August and will receive all receive a ribbon.
  • Dance Training Workshop
    As part of the 4-H Youth Development, Dance Weekend, held at WVU Jackson’s Mill, is for all 4-H members who are in at least the 6th grade and who are interested in developing and enhancing skills in specific heritage and folk dances. This workshop will provide in depth training for 4-H’ers to lead or teach heritage and folk dances. Each participant will participate in at least one (1) hour dance class.
  • Extension Camp Instructor (ECI) Program
    The 4-H Extension Camp Instructor program offers a great opportunity for 4-H’ers to improve and build on their 4-H experiences. The program provides many leadership development opportunities and provides support to state and county 4-H camping and other Extension programs. By helping the program participants fully understand what their role is and the impact it has on campers, it will also help them gain greater personal and social awareness, as well as an appreciation for the diversity among club members.
  • Forestry Judging Contest – - Handbook
    This contest allows 4-H members a chance to compete by testing their forest, economic, and recreation management skills through a series of tests. This event also provides members an opportunity to test their leadership, teamwork and evaluation skills. The winning senior team is eligible to represent West Virginia in the national contest.
  • Horse Judging Contest
    This contest provides participants with many opportunities to build on their horse handling skills. The program will place emphasis on Oral Reasons and will also evaluate at halter, rail, and scored performance classes.
  • Horse Adult Leader Training
    4-H camp and horse instructors as well as other adult horse volunteers are welcomed to participate in this horsemanship clinic. This program will focus on building youth’s horsemanship skills and will provide a progressive curriculum that helps build the skills necessary for youth and animal interaction.
  • Horticulture Judging Contest
    This contest not only allows 4-H members to learn about opportunities available at West Virginia University, but also teaches them to recognize specific horticultural crops. Participants will also have the opportunity to interact with the resident faculty of the College of Agriculture and Forestry. Contest participants will be required to take place in the identification, judging, and information section of the contest and the winning team will be eligible to represent West Virginia in the national event.
  • International 4-H Youth Conference (IFYE)
    In this program, participants can travel to a variety of places in West Virginia, such as Charleston or Beckley to visit top tourist destinations. With four full-day tours and two half-day tours, 4-H members will have the opportunity to see anything from the state Capitol Complex to the New River Gorge Bridge. The program also offers three post conference tours.
  • International 4-H Youth Exchange (IFYE) Tour
    This program recently sent 4-H’er Emma Faulkner to Chile for six months. Faulkner will now be touring the state, sharing her experiences through a presentation she has created. According to her blog, Faulkner approached the trip with not only a traditional IFYE cultural exchange, but also as a way to help establish a 4-H program in the region.
  • Land Judging and Home Site Evaluation
  • Livestock Judging Contest
  • Livestock Roundup
  • National 4-H Conference
    At this conference, members will participate in the selection of delegates process in connection with the selection of delegates to National 4-H Congress. It will be held in Washington, D.C. at the National 4-H Center and requires a resume along with an application for participation. A story and photos will also need to be submitted.
  • North East Region Collegiate 4-H Conference
    To promote Collegiate 4-H in the Northeast Region and on the national level through discussion, collaboration, and interactive learning opportunities.
  • Older 4-H Members (OMC) Conference
    This conference is designed to teach new skills for 4-H’ers to use in local clubs and communities. The program will require each camper to be involved in presentations and discussion topics daily that are current to today’s youth. Campers will also participate in a series of workshops. This program primarily focuses on developing leadership among older 4-H members.
  • Outspoken for 4-H
    This program is an annual fundraising bicycle ride that promotes not only West Virginia 4-H, but also the state’s camp at WVU Jackson’s Mill. This program is organized by 4-H volunteers and Extension employees. Participants show their dedication to 4-H by biking across challenging terrain and in turn, supporters greet them in each town they pass through with encouragement.
  • Photo Exhibition
    The goal of this program is to encourage 4-H members to take photos that best interpret 4-H to the viewer. The photos will be judged by the viewers using the appropriate age category. All photos will be exhibited at the West Virginia State Fair and all participants will receive a State Fair ribbon and premium.
  • Poster Contest
    This contest offers participants the choice of six different categories, ranging from 4-H safety to 4-H litter, recycling and environment. The purpose of this program is to give 4-H members an opportunity to express their creative side by also making them aware of 4-H issues and topics. Only one poster in each category and age division may be submitted for state judging, except in 4-H Dairy, which allows three per age division.
  • Poultry Judging Contest

    This event is designed to give participants an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of decision making and to learn skills and knowledge relative to poultry production, marketing, and consumer use of poultry products.
  • Southern District Horse Camp
    This camp places emphasis on educating participants on specific showmanship techniques and also providing them with an environment that will aid in the development of specific riding disciplines. Interested 4-H members must be at least 9 years old.
  • State Air Rifle Shooting Sports Event
    This program offers 4-H members the chance to compete in either the Junior or the Senior competition. The event is sponsored by the WVU Rifle club in cooperation with the WVU-ES 4-H Youth Development program. Contestants are required to bring their own guns, eye protections, and pellets.
  • State 4-H Shooting Sports Weekend – August
    The goal of this program is to help certify adult volunteer leaders who wish to become instructors in their counties. Adult volunteers must be at least 18 years of age and must successfully complete the training sessions in order to become certified. Members of the State 4-H Shooting Sports Committee will be teaching the workshops.
  • State Conservation Camp
    Participants at this camp will be enrolled in classes ranging from Nature Awareness to Water Quality Conservation. Each class will be instructed by natural resource management professionals and will be at least one hour long. The goal is to introduce the values of West Virginia’s natural resources and environment by training them for leadership in conservation.
  • State Fair Dept F Activities
  • State Fair Junior Horse & Pony Show
  • State 4-H Day
    State 4-H Days allow youth to participate in a variety of state level educational activities that develop their subject matter knowledge, leadership skills, and life skills. The events and activities offered on the Evansdale Campus of West Virginia University provide a rich, educational venue for 4-H contests, demonstrations, educational classes, and exhibits as well as a forum for young people to showcase their communication skills through competition in visual presentations, PowerPoint or digital presentations, and public speaking.
  • Teen Leader/Charting Weekend
    West Virginia 4-H members who are between the ages of 13 and 19 have the chance to get involved in the personal development experiences at this event. Each participant will be permitted to select a first and second choice of three workshops. Registration and Health forms must have signatures.
  • WV 4-H Volunteer Leader Weekend
    This conference not only provides leadership training, but also an overall recognition for adult 4-H volunteers to focus on enhancing these leadership skills. Any adult 4-H volunteer who is 18 years old or older is welcome to come to this event where they can participate in learning workshops, and many more events. The program focuses on a different theme each year and provides excellent opportunity for those interested in discussing future 4-H plans.
    * County Outstanding 4-H Leader Recognition and Nomination Form
    45- and 50- Year Leader Recognition
  • Young Adult Conference (YAC)
    YAC provides an environment for young adults to remain in contact with 4-H after youth membership. Also, it encourages participation in Extension programs after youth membership by promoting continued involvement through leadership roles available for adults in the programs. The conference also provides the opportunity for personal growth through programs offered and fellowship among peers.