4-H and Youth

State 4-H Alpha I &
Alpha II Camps

State 4-H Contact: Jeffrey Orndorff

To provide 4-H members personal development experiences to help better understand themselves, and to display personal confidence when assuming leadership positions.

West Virginia 4 H members entering 6th grade and recommended by the county Extension office. Maximum camp enrollment is 400 4-H members.

Alpha I – July TBD, 2016
Alpha II – July TBD, 2016

WVU Jackson’s Mill

$260. Scholarships are available for 4-H’ers meeting the pre registration postmark deadline. If funds are available, the Alpha camps scholarship is $65. Campers that qualify for free or reduced lunch will receive an additional $20 scholarship. A free/reduced form must accompany the Alpha application to qualify.


See registration materials for separate tracks available at Alpha I and II.

  • Alpha I & II: Original Camp Track – coming soon
    (May also take the ATV safety training course – 1 day)
  • Alpha I & II: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Track – coming soon
    (NOT able to take the ATV safety training course)

Register On-Line – Alpha I – coming soon

Register On-Line – Alpha II – coming soon

The pre registration postmark deadline for both Alpha I and II is Tuesday May 31, 2016.

Camp registration is 2:00-4:00 PM on Sundays; camp closes at 11:30 AM on Friday.

See additional notes regarding Alpha registration in this section.

Before camp, county Extension agents should select a county representative to participate in the heritage fire ceremony. This person should come prepared with two or three important county facts and a piece of wood from the county camp council fire. At one of the council circles, this person will give their county information and place their wood on the fire. camp artwork

Cancellations must be made in writing and e-mailed/faxed/postmarked to Program Coordinator by June 17, 2016. No refunds for no-shows. There will be a $15 processing fee for all refunds. No refund will be made for less than $15.

4-H members will participate in workshops that will enhance their personal understanding and skills. Additional workshops will relate to specific 4 H project work. Guest speakers and assemblies will emphasize daily themes.