4-H and Youth

4-H Events – By Program Area

* Agriculture

* Collegiate 4-H Program

  • Fall Northeast Regional Collegiate 4-H Conference
  • North East Region Collegiate 4-H Conference

* Conservation

* Contests

* Extension Camping Instructors

  • Extension Camp Instructor (ECI) Program
    The 4-H Extension Camp Instructor program offers a great opportunity for 4-H’ers to improve and build on their 4-H experiences. The program provides many leadership development opportunities and provides support to state and county 4-H camping and other Extension programs. By helping the program participants fully understand what their role is and the impact it has on campers, it will also help them gain greater personal and social awareness, as well as an appreciation for the diversity among club members.

* Global Education

  • International 4-H Youth Conference (IFYE)
  • International 4-H Youth Exchange (IFYE) Tour

* Leadership & Citizenship

* Shooting Sports

* State 4-H Camps

* State Fair

  • WV State Fair
    • State Fair Dept. O – Project Enrollment Forms
    • State Fair 4-H Talent Stage Registration Form
  • State Fair Dept F Activities
  • State Fair Junior Horse & Pony Show

* STEM Ambassadors

  • Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) Program
    The 4-H Extension Camp Instructor Program is designed to enhance the development of young people through proven experiential-based training. As a side benefit of the program, these young people form a well-trained cadre of leaders who can provide assistance to county and state 4-H camps and other educational Extension events and activities.

* Volunteer Training

  • WV 4-H Volunteer Celebration Weekend
    • County Outstanding 4-H Leader Recognition and Nomination Form
    • 45- and 50- Year Leader Recognition

* Other