4-H and Youth

Faculty & Staff Resources

Welcome to 4-H

A brief summary for families that just joined 4-H. Some of the topics this packet contains are:

  • Letter to Parents
  • How Your Child Can Be Successful in 4-H
  • Facts About 4-H
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Glossary of Terms

Other County Office Resources

Leader Recognition CertificatesNEW

  • Chartering Process
    • 990 IRS Filing Instructions
    • Chartering Organized 4-H Clubs
    • Sample Documents
    • Affiliated Groups
    • Budget Forms
  • 4-H Youth Development Volunteer Selection Process
    • Volunteer Selection Process Index
    • Volunteer Selection Process – Full Document
    • Volunteer Code of Conduct
    • Volunteer Application (2pp)
    • Volunteer File Checklist
    • Event Volunteer Form
    • State Camp Volunteer Application
    • State Camp Volunteer Application Letter
  • Leader Years of Service Recognition Certificates
    (fillable forms from 1 year and 5 years to 60 years (in 5 year increments) with signatures. You fill in the name and the date and print)
  • 4-H Health Initiative Materials
    • Heart Health, Healthy Eating, Physical Activity, 4-H Safety, Healthy Relationships
    • Dental
    • Physical Activity
    • Eating Healthy
    • Safety
    • Love Your Heart
  • National 4-H Promotional Toolkits
    • Looking for materials to promote 4-H in your community? In this section, you’ll find tips for working with the media, information about the 4-H emblem and proper usage, as well as press release templates, flyers, fact sheets, ads, promotional videos, photographs and more.


Free portal for local 4-H Information

Simply Local a community channel on Shentel’s TV system said that they have space for free announcements and locally produced videos. Those kinds of things are free for organizations like Extension and 4-H. They accept videos and photographs as well as written announcements. The only thing they cannot use is licensed music.

Contact Robin Laird for more information. News

What a great idea for 4-H videos that kids have made of local information and activities. A good outlet for how to videos, and a place to put winning 4-H demonstrations so the community can see them.

For more information...